The Lovers Rum

The Lovers Rum

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“I have been trying for years a lot of different Rums throughout my career in order to be able to make the tastiest Daiquiris. When I had the luck of putting my hands on The Lovers Rum, I couldn’t believe my palate when I first tasted my Daiquiri with it. It has now become my favourite Rum and all my guests agree with me on this beautiful discovery. -Unbelievable-“
- Dario Knox, Founder-Owner, The Other Room, Singapore.
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SKU 04-TLR-01
Maturation period minimum 2 years
Country Of Origin Netherlands
Brand The Lover´s Rum
Capacity 0,7 l
Alcoholic content 43%
Colour a beautiful golden / amber colour
Manufacturer Herma Jansen
Ingredients Rum - water
Allergens No known allergens

The Lovers Rum Serve Tip

The initial taste starts with a seducing combination of ripe pineapple and tropical fruit notes that evoke sensational sweet nose, followed by a rich mid-palate, full of flavours and excellent touches of peppery notes, dryness and delicate tannins. A long and warm moreish finish that will leave you craving for more.


60ml The Lovers Rum

30ml Fresh Lime Juice

2 tsp Sugar Cane

Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, dissolve the sugar well before adding ice. Then add cubed and crushed ice, shake vigorously till the shaker is frozen. Double strain into a pre-chilled or frozen glass.

The Daiquiri is perfection in a glass. An ‘all-occasion’ cocktail that fits every situation, from a party to a pre-dinner drink. It is deceptively simple. The art lies in balancing the four taste cornerstones that build a cocktail flavor: Strong, sour, sweet & weak

"Never use lemon juice. And remember please, that a too sweet Daiquiri is like a lovely lady with too much perfume" - Charles H Baker Jr.

The Lovers Rum History

THE LOVERS RUM born by the combination of two inputs: a family tradition and passion for the liquid that gave base to some of the most well-known classic rum cocktails, and the enigmatic and romantic idea of knowing the future and what lays ahead in our lives.

Women of my family read tarot cards: my mother, grandmother and sister – a lighthearted way to see into the future. I wanted to honour their memory with this rum. A rum Master Blender places a liquid into barrels to create something for the future, almost like anticipating the taste of that liquid, a little like those women used to read and predict the future with Tarot cards.

Our bottle feature - a unique Tarot card label that will become recognizable to those, who love THE LOVERS RUM; allowing them to spot their favourite rum instantly. The Tarot card design contains layered symbolism that connects directly with the characteristics and flavour profile of the rum in the bottle. As new rum in the series is released, a Tarot card on the bottle will tell a story of the rum inside.

The Lovers Rum
The Lovers Rum
The Lovers Rum
The Lovers Rum
€38.89 Incl. 16% VAT