Pontica Red 996

Pontica Red 996

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SKU 02-PON-01
Country Of Origin Austria
Brand Ponticadrinks
Capacity 0,5 l
Alcoholic content 20%
Colour red
Manufacturer Ponticadrinks
Ingredients Alcohol, water, wine, extracts of herbs and spices
Allergens Contains sulphites
Storage Instruction Store cool after opening

And It Turned out Excellent

When PONTICA Red was matured in a Cabernet Franc and a brandy cask, it was not clear what the result would be. Over a year later, both versions ended up being so convincing that the producers decided to marry them. The result: 996 bottles of a highly exclusive, fruity vermouth, with finely bitter nuances rounded off by complex maturity and delicate caramel notes.

The Grape Doesn’t Fall Far from the Vine

Reinhard Pohorec and Peter Weintögl combine unique expertise in their shared vision with Pontica Drinks: Down-to-earth, straightforward, always focused on the essentials. Oscillating between powerful and elegant, filigree and intense.


40 ml PONTICA 996
30 ml Cognac VSOP

Stir the two components on ice briefly and strain into a snifter or a cocktail glass. This creation, a variation on the classic Harvard cocktail, is not only a highly complex pleasure, it also plays with the very mature, sophisticated notes of two wonderful protagonists that merge into a greater whole. A worthy alumnus in the club of the best.

Pontica Red 996
Pontica Red 996
Pontica Red 996
Pontica Red 996
€29.15 Incl. 16% VAT